AMS - Character Animation Tools for Maya®


Character Animation Tools for Maya®

3D Automated Motion Systems is a set of innovative animation tools for more efficiency in character animation in Maya®. 
The AMS tools perfectly fit to match any working environment of character animation, especially the production of series greatly benefits from the possibilities to reuse and transform animation data. The integrated engine enables to game play motion patterns using a Logitech gaming device. Record live action and export to game engines like Unity.

Key Benefits

  • Tremendous push on the workflow
  • Absolute dependability
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Create perfect locomotion and animation for game export
  • With AMS the Maya® user gets an character animation tool in his familiar surroundings
  • All features from Maya® can be used in combination with AMS
  • AMS can be used even without Maya® knowledge

 Visual Engineering


Visual Engineering - AMS development and distribution. 71397 Leutenbach - Germany